Why Now?

We’re on the edge of a digital revolution - the ability to not only share, but trust digital information is upon us. Thus, how individuals interact with organizations is about to change. In January, the World Economic Forum published “Reimagining Digital Identity: A Strategic Imperative,” highlighting the need for companies to reimagine how they manage personal data and digital identities - and COVID-19 has accelerated this need. Alberta is at the center of this global change, and you can become a part of it.

As a part of the pilot, you will add your MyAlberta Digital ID as a verifiable credential to your mobile digital wallet (on your smartphone) and use this digital credential to open an ATB Pay As You Go Account - Digital Credential account with ATB Financial.

The Requirements

Participation in the pilot will be limited to those individuals that meet the following requirements:
Live in AlbertaPreference given to those residing in Calgary or Edmonton
Have a valid Alberta driver’s licenceor Alberta identification card
Not a current ATB Financial client
Have an Android or iOS smartphone

This pilot is made possible by the
Credential Issuance platform, Oliu, and the Digital Wallet, Proof.

Oliu underpins the creation of verifiable credentials, which allows users to create, store, and ultimately use to open an ATB Financial bank account in the pilot.
A digital wallet for your identity using verifiable digital credentials, proof is a secure app that makes it possible to collect and share portable, borderless, and encrypted virtual identifiers for everything that represents your identity.
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